Dear Guru

All this is the creation of a real Karmayogi, a Far-sighted one, whom despite the adverstities in the way has guided the Ashram to a position as present. But he who never admits it’s he who does, says “It’s not me who works, it’s the Divine who works.”

SWAMI RAM CHANDRA : He was born in Purkot, Gulmi District Lumbini zone in 3/11/1963.

When he was just 12 years he left for India. Being many month in the streets he joined Indian army but did not like the service and left the Army to start learning Sanskrit. Later he became Vaishnava. He was inspired by the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother after reading a book by Sri Aurobindo. And feeling the nectar of his life in Pondicherry he went to Pondicherry in 1983 and settled there for 12 years. After almost 2 decades came back to Nepal and got the inspiration to start the Ashram, Named Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir to Materialize the Ideology of Sri Aurobindo and Mother in 24th April 1993.

Since then he has been working arduously for this work along with guiding many people spiritually and suggesting the way of life.

It’s been small 18 years and this ashram under his single handed effort has reached a present position as today.

Apart from the Ashram in Kathmandu, he has also opened another branch in Kolhuwa, Nawalparasi aiming to spread the task of Divine work everywhere possible.

He does not believe in fleeing from the world to have divine experience for oneself, he wants the whole of fellow brothers to have the experience, and show them the true way of life. Which will result a quantum leap in evolution of mankind.

He is a real Karmayogi and is a a divine worker who lives a life of struggle for the purpose of Divine Work.

Believe it, this task can be a cornerstone for the change. The only condition is that there should not be the deficit of people aspiring for progress.